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Jun 29, 2018, 2 minute read
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We’re happy to announce the release of Stardog Studio v0.3.0, the first version of Studio to include advanced language intelligence capabilities for SPARQL and Stardog SPARQL extensions.

These capabilities are designed to increase developer productivity by providing contextual autocompletion, diagnostic messaging, comprehensive syntax highlighting, and helpful SPARQL rule information.

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Contextual Autocompletion

In previous versions of Studio, we provided simple autocompletion for variables only and no contextual awareness of the SPARQL grammar at all. In this new release, our language tools now know where you are in the SPARQL grammar at any point in your query, and provide autocompletions for all keywords and identifiers (variables, IRIs, prefixes, etc.) that are valid at that point in the query. You’re going to love it.

Example of contextual autocompletion

Dynamic, Resilient Diagnostics

Until this release, error messaging was available only after query execution and only for the first error detected in the query. Now Studio detects multiple errors in queries, presenting indicators while you are editing. No need for any more round trips to the server and back. It also provides suggested corrections for every error.

In-depth SPARQL Highlighting

This version of Studio includes a new syntax highlighter that supports the full span of the SPARQL language. Previously, the highlighter supported rudimentary highlighting of keywords and identifiers but failed to recognize anything else. Our new highlighter recognizes every entity in SPARQL syntax and thematically distinguishes between entities like function calls and solution modifiers, IRIs and prefixed IRIs, comments, and special characters.

And, Apple fan boys that we all are, we’ve also switched to a dark theme designed to help make these distinctions more obvious.

Helpers on Hover

We’ve also included an experimental feature that we plan to flesh out with feedback from the community. When you hover over any token in a query, Studio will display the name of the SPARQL grammar rule in which that token occurs and will highlight the portion of the query to which the rule applies. We expect to use this functionality to provide other types of metadata to improve the developer experience.


Our goal is to ensure a powerful user experience for building apps with Stardog. If you have a vision for what that looks like for your team, we encourage you to share it with us.

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