Casalini Libri

Casalini Libri, a leading international bibliographic agency, launched the Shared Virtual Discovery Environment (Share VDE) in 2017. This library-driven initiative aims to bring the enormous amount of data produced and curated by libraries into the broader world of information. Through Share VDE, libraries can link their data and resources to other libraries across the world. Now librarians and patrons can find the full picture of the author, topic, or resource they need no matter where the physical material is located.

Libraries hold vast amounts of data, metadata, and resources that have historically be siloed away from other libraries, indexes, and search engines. Unless a user searched a specific library’s data, they wouldn’t find the information on the book they were looking for nor the context of that particular book in the rest of the knowledge base. Casalini Libri’s work resolving the entities within library data and converting opaque XML to the RDF-based BIBFRAME data standard, libraries around the world can exchange and enrich their data

The Share VDE project continues to expand. From their initial 20 US-based library partners, they process, link, and maintain 24 billion triples (about 2 TB of data) within Stardog. As Share VDE grows, each new library will contribute up to 2 billion more triples to the expanding knowledge base.

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