National Cancer Institute

Narrow and unlinked concepts obscured relationships from cancer researchers. As new research and growing sub-fields within oncology emerged, more and more inter-related, yet distinct, concepts were created that slowed vital research. The National Institutes of Health created the National Cancer Institute Thesaurus (NCIt), a rich biomedical data model with 400,000 relationships that connect over 100,000 stable textual definitions and 120,000 key biomedical concepts with terms, synonyms, and external data.

The work doesn’t stop there, however, as subject matter experts update the NCIt monthly, adding 700+ new concepts in each release. Stardog’s native scalability permits seamless additions and modifications without disturbing the underlying architecture. The NCI Thesaurus has become the standard for coding and reference within medical communities across the globe. Government agencies, hospitals, and public health institutes make life or death decisions based on the connected information within NCIt.

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