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Fortune 500 supply chain veteran Jake Barr joins Stardog Advisory Board

Nov 5, 2020

Arlington, VA., November 6,2020 — Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform, today announced that it has added Jake Barr, Fortune 500 supply chain leader, to its Advisory Board. 

Barr previously had a long career at Procter & Gamble; his work there included architecting their demand-driven supply chain strategy. He is now CEO of BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting, which works with several leading global companies to digitize their supply chains.

“I am excited to work with Stardog to help manufacturers tackle complex supply chain transformations,” said Barr. “I was impressed with how Stardog is able to solve challenges that I have long seen plague the supply chain: data silos and integration issues across factory floors, logistics chains, procurement departments, and geographic borders that hinder the ability to delivery agility to the business and productivity.”

The pandemic has heightened the need for data-driven supply chain digitization across all industries. Stardog’s platform creates a digital representation of the data and the relationships that define how different supply chain actors interact. This creates a digital supply network that accurately captures dependencies between the various actors.

“I am pleased to welcome Jake Barr to our Advisory Board,” said Stardog CEO and Founder Kendall Clark. “Stardog is dedicated to powering resilient supply chains to drive long-term customer value and higher profit margins; Jake Barr is the ideal partner for this journey.”