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ITV Leverages Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform to Assist its Digital Transformation & Maximize the Value of Rights

Mar 23, 2021

Digital and broadcast powerhouse will leverage Stardog to transform its rights service, maximizing exploitation and distribution opportunities and increasing viewer engagement

ARLINGTON, VA., March 23, 2020Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform provider, today announced that ITV, a media and entertainment company based in the U.K., has selected Stardog to help manage its content rights to optimize content delivery to consumers. Connecting and aligning critical rights data from disparate sources, Stardog’s platform is designed to be one of the foundational components of ITV’s business-wide rights management service, enabling business users to determine who can exploit its content. Leveraging Stardog, ITV has the potential to manage its rights with greater agility and flexibility.

As Britain’s largest commercial broadcaster, ITV produces, exploits and distributes content globally via its Media and Entertainment division and its Studios division. Today, as audience viewing habits continue to evolve, content and advertising are now distributed both via linear broadcast and on-demand. This is the impetus for ITV’s digital transformation initiative, which aims to bring brilliant content to audiences wherever, whenever, and however they choose and to enhance the way ITV staff work by improving operational systems, including rights management.

“Managing content rights can be challenging, because our current systems are difficult to navigate, and rights data is complex. As a result, confirming a rights position often requires expert attention,” said Tom Griffiths, Director of Technology Content Supply & Distribution at ITV. “Stardog’s knowledge graph technology was the best fit for our needs, and adopting it as part of our strategy will contribute to operational efficiency and increase business users’ ability to self-serve.”

More specifically, ITV selected Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform for its ability to improve decision making using its key capabilities, including:

  • Data virtualization: allows ITV to leave data within existing data sources and perform complex real time queries on data wherever it lives – whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Semantic graph: captures detailed context of content rights, which traditional relational systems struggle to support.
  • Enhanced search: presents the most relevant results so rights management staff can quickly make decisions to optimize content distribution.
  • Flexible modeling: supports long-term responsiveness to shifts in market and consumer behaviors due to ease of adapting rights data.

“We look forward to supporting ITV’s digital transformation and redefine how they create, access, manage, and optimize content rights,” said Kendall Clark, founder and CEO of Stardog. “Today, a disproportionate number of rights use cases require expert intervention and our goal is to improve measurably ITV’s operational efficiency. Once implemented, our platform will help to reduce the proportion of rights use cases needing intervention, support operational efficiency targets and, ultimately, help ITV achieve their digital transformation goals.”