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Stardog joins Cloud Information Model (CIM) consortium developing open standards of data exchange to simplify data integration and accelerate innovation

Feb 4, 2020

ARLINGTON, Va., February 4, 2020 — Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform, today announced it has joined the open consortium tasked with creating the Cloud Information Model (CIM). The goal of CIM is to create a cloud-native, application-agnostic data model. This shared open data model will improve upon standard data integration practices that require custom tooling for each new application.

CIM is managed by the Linux Foundation and was first announced at Dreamforce in 2019, when Salesforce donated their customer data model to the Linux Foundation. Stardog joins founding partners Amazon Web Services, Genesys, and Salesforce as well as contributing partners including Cisco, Google, Intuit, Expedia, L’Oreal, Dropbox, ServiceMax, and Zoom in this effort.

“The traction behind CIM’s open data exchange model is exciting,” said Stardog CEO, Kendall Clark. “Stardog has long been a contributor to the data standards CIM is built from; we’re excited to welcome industry leaders like Salesforce and AWS to the connected data future and to help make cloud data management practices more user-friendly and personalized.”

Stardog builds on longstanding commitment to interoperable data standards

CIM and Stardog are both based on the W3C family of open standards. Stardog has a history of contribution to these standards. Stardog CTO Evren Sirin contributed to W3C’s OWL standards and Clark chaired the SPARQL working group. These standards are designed to represent information — and all its complexities — in a machine-understandable way. As a result, a Stardog Knowledge Graph enables greater interoperability and exchange of data.

Stardog announces additional support for Salesforce

In concert with this initiative, Stardog has announced their intention to add Salesforce to its portfolio of virtual graph connectors. Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform is designed as a truly agile data unification platform in which virtualization is a necessary platform component. Where other platforms require copying data into their system, Stardog effectively eliminates data silos through virtualization.

“By adding first-class support of Salesforce as a virtual graph, Stardog customers will now be able to connect Salesforce-hosted data with any other enterprise data silos to answer strategic business questions,” said Clark. “Salesforce data will now be a first-class participant in the Enterprise Knowledge Graph."