Modernize your MBSE approach

Unify data from siloed Model-based system engineering (MBSE) tools to provide a holistic view of engineering life cycle milestones — saving you time and money.

Systems engineering data are highly specialized per discipline. The tools to access this data are equally specific, proliferating data silos across the organization and creating cumbersome processes around cross-discipline datasets. MBSE and SysML attempt to solve this but don’t go far enough to capture differences across tools. Stardog maintains the source of truth across systems without replicating, changing, or moving data.

Accelerate your design and review process

Gain a unified view from requirements through design review certifications. Stardog allows you to access and analyze data across multiple MBSE tools including MagicDraw and DOORS. Easily add external data sources to the knowledge graph and create a common taxonomy for searches, pattern recognition, and recommendations.

Reduce days of data transformation down to seconds

Reuse systems engineering artifacts to interpret data, models, and relationships through a new lens. Answer questions in a fraction of the time: Stardog’s platform allows you to query the graph through any model and also analyze relationships between a collection of nodes and edges. Easily generate different views of the data for specific stakeholder needs.

Eliminate complexity in digital threading for large systems

When models conflict or have alternate definitions, Data Quality Constraints can be used to note these differences without changing any of the source data. Stardog tracks relationships between the data — across silos — and provides lineage for those relationships. This provides the traceability required to meet ongoing engineering life cycle milestones.

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    The application of graph technology and a logical reasoner in a knowledge graph has potential to revolutionize how data is integrated and used for MBSE purposes

    US Navy Program Manager



Stardog is compliant with real, robust, vendor-neutral standards so you can easily share and access data across platforms

Virtual graphs

Access data remotely using Stardog’s virtualization capabilities, allowing access to data without duplication or migration

Inference Engine

Advanced inference capabilities facilitate interoperability by associating related concepts without changing the underlying data


Run path queries to trace data lineage—for inventory, parts, cost control, and KPIs related to audit—across the supply chain