Data integration is broken. The answer is data fabric.

Only Stardog queries all on-prem and cloud data silos directly so you don’t have to move or copy data in order to make data-driven decisions.

Data fabric is the future of data integration

Data fabric is the future of data integration

Stardog is the only graph platform to connect data at the compute layer instead of the storage layer.

No migrations. No rip and replace. No copies of copies of data. Just a seamless data fabric.

Stardog is the critical data infrastructure that powers your business’ apps, AI, and analytics.

About the platform

Connect all the data that matters

Stardog connects data based on business meaning, regardless of data’s structure or location.

Avoid incomplete, slow analytics. Easily reuse data models to get insights faster.

Our universe of Connectors makes it easy to virtualize data into Stardog and query your connected data using apps, BI tools, and more.

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Represent complexity to manage complexity

Stardog helps you gain deeper insight into connections across your data sources.

The world is networked, and your data should be too.

In the words of one Fortune 500 Chief Architect, “An hours-long triage of outages is now a 50ms query with Stardog.” Get the answers you need with Stardog.

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Learn how to use your existing stack with Stardog to build a data fabric

See how tools like MDM, Data Integration, Data Catalogs and Graph Databases compare, and how to use them side by side with Stardog.