Editing Stored Queries in Studio

Jun 26, 2019, 2 minute read
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Stardog Studio v1.8.0 introduces several improvements to help users get the most out of stored queries.

About Stored Queries

Stored queries are named, private or shared, and optionally tied to a particular database. They are integrated into Stardog’s user model so superusers can administer all stored queries on the server and regular users can create, update and delete their own queries while executing both their own queries and those shared by other users.

By storing queries in Stardog you can execute them by name in Stardog’s APIs, instead of entering the full query content or specifying a file path. Moreover, having queries directly accessible by name in Stardog makes them particularly useful for deploying to client applications without coupling those applications to the query content, and, for developing toolkits of helper or test queries for understanding your knowledge graph.

Details can be found in our docs.

What’s New In This Release

Studio v1.8.0 makes it easier to iterate on stored queries. Workspace tabs now indicate whether the content is persisted on your filesystem or your Stardog server. Tabs whose content is on your Stardog server support the normal Save and Save As interactions, but, those actions direct the changes to Stardog.

When editing either a new tab or a tab stored on your filesystem we display a Store Query button to create a new stored query. Upon storing a new query Studio opens a tab with that query for further edits.

Selecting an existing stored query from the left sidebar opens that query in a tab where you can execute, explain and Save the query, or, use the familiar Save As as shown below to save the tab content as a new stored query.

After executing one of your stored queries, you might notice we’ve also added some new features to Visual Results. You can now start a visualization from an IRI in your SELECT results table, browse your data by expanding from a node, view the graph in full screen mode, and save and load your visualization layouts.


Studio is the Stardog Knowledge Graph IDE and that means making all of Stardog’s features easy to use. With this release we are excited to fully support Stardog’s stored query functionality in tandem with Studio’s filesystem-oriented editing features. If you have any feedback or suggestions we would love to hear from you in our community forums!

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