Introducing Stardog Studio in the Browser

Nov 2, 2019, 2 minute read
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*Update 9/29/20: You can now access Stardog Studio from in addition to running your own copy via our preconfigured Stardog Studio Docker image. Learn more here.*

Stardog Studio 1.13 includes support for Stardog Studio in the browser via Docker - no application installation required.

Why Studio in the browser?

Stardog Studio is designed to make Stardog’s features easier to use, but to do that we need to make it easy for everyone to access Stardog Studio! We know that downloading and installing a new application like Stardog Studio can require internal approval and coordination. This can slow down efforts to get started with Stardog - whether for the first user at a new organization or for new user at existing organizations. We want to make getting started with Stardog (and Stardog Studio) as seamless as possible.

We also know that the current desktop version is not supported on every OS, and that some people just like keeping their workflow in the browser.

So for all of these people, we’re releasing Stardog Studio in the browser!

How do I get it?

In-browser Studio is hosted in a Docker container. Our docs have more information and detail, but at its simplest, following these three steps will get you to in-browser Studio:

$ docker pull stardog/stardog-studio:current
$ docker run --name=stardog-studio -p 8888:8080 -d stardog/stardog-studio:current
$ Go to  http://localhost:8888 in your browser   

If you require a sysadmin to configure the docker container, the good news is that they’ll only have to do it once to be available for users across your organization.

What else do I need to know?

  • In-browser Studio officially supports the latest Firefox and Chrome.
  • There are a few differences between the desktop version and the in-browser version - for example, the browser version does not have access to your file system. The documentation includes more information about the differences.
  • Along with documentation for in-browser studio, we’ve also added some high-level Studio documentation.

What now?

Try it out! Please share any feedback or configuration issues in the Studio section of the Stardog Community; we’re happy to help with any issues you encounter! If the available methods for using Studio are still not compatible with your environment, please let us know too - we are working hard to get Studio in the hands of everyone who wants it.

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