Recap of Knowledge Graph Conference 2023

May 12, 2023, 2 minute read
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It was wonderful to see our customers, long-time friends and new faces alike this week in NYC at the Knowledge Graph Conference (KGC). As you might imagine, there was a ton of discussion about the impact of AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) on the industry—including the public debut of our LLM-powered assistant, Stardog Voicebox, which attendees were invited to try for themselves; as well as the announcement that Accenture is investing in Stardog, underscoring our shared vision that knowledge graphs and generative AI are foundational for data and analytics.

“Foundation models need vast amounts of curated data to learn and that makes solving the data challenge an urgent priority for every business. This is precisely where Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graphs can make a difference by helping organizations unify and optimize their data for this new era of generative AI.” — Tom Lounibos, managing director, Accenture Ventures.

The overarching message at KGC was that LLMs and knowledge graphs together have significant upside. In the opening keynote, Deborah McGuinness of RPI discussed how LLMs and knowledge graphs are like the yin and the yang, and why collaboration between them is key for users to be successful. Denny Vrandečić of Wikimedia Foundation’s keynote focused on trust. How do you make a business decision with an answer you cannot trust? The answer: “With a knowledge graph.”

I agree. Stardog Voicebox is poised to help our customers get insights from their knowledge graph faster and more easily. At the event, the crowd watched Voicebox help me complete in 5 minutes what took 90 minutes in a masterclass I taught the day before. The impact of LLM-powered assistants like Voicebox is truly incredible. I recreated that demo to share with those of you who were not able to attend:

It was also nice to see my longtime partner-in-crime, Stardog CEO, Kendall Clark speaking alongside Accenture’s Cloud First Chief Technologist, Teresa Tung in the keynote for the semantic layer track. As Teresa stated, “Coupled with generative AI and LLMs, knowledge graph adds context of the user’s domain.” Their keynote underscored how knowledge graphs are now mainstream, and are the “key to connect and contextualize data needed unlock the newest tech trends” like AI, data-as-a-product, and digital twins.

What a week! I’m looking forward to seeing the progress in knowledge graphs and LLMs between now and KGC 2024.

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