Stardog 5 Released!

Jun 22, 2017, 2 minute read
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We’re happy to announce Stardog 5 GA release, the world’s leading Knowledge Graph platform for the Enterprise.

This is the first major release of 2017 and caps the RC1 and a 5 beta releases. It also marks our return to monthly release cycle. Pay close attention: things are about to get busy here.

Knowledge Graphs are hot right now; everyone wants to talk about them, use them, and brag that their AI chatbot startup is building one, too. Stardog is the deepest, widest, and most mature Knowledge Graph available and you should check it out.

World’s Leading Knowledge Graph

The most significant business benefits in Stardog 5 are pretty damn exciting!

More Data → Better Analytics

All the data unified means better analytics because now machine learning is baked into the Knowledge Graph. Training a model is just writing a query. And applying that model to all the data is another query, too.

Better Data Unification

Combining virtual query and data warehouse capabilities behind an elegant knowledge graph means greater value from enterprise data. Stardog 5’s Virtual Graph engine is all new and a world-class differentiator.

Tableau Visualizations

Support for Tableau means better visualizations of the Knowledge Graph, which in turn means more actionable insights, better horizontal vision across the enterprise, and happier data scientists.

Cloud Support? Faster, Easier Deployments

Robust, mature cloud deployments means a more agile enterprise—easier, faster deployments across AWS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Open Shift, and Kubernetes and less work for your developers.

Core Performance? Always Faster!

Core Stardog services are production-grade. Query, search, and geospatial performance gains and native memory management mean better answers faster, safer, and more reliably.

The Fine Print

Ready to find out what the Knowledge Graph fuss is all about? Download Stardog today to start your free 30-day evaluation.

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