Stardog Joins the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation

Sep 30, 2020, 3 minute read
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Today I am proud to announce that Stardog is joining the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) as a founding vendor member. Read on if you want to learn who, what, and why. Together with EKGF founding directors, Jacobus Geluk, Mike Atkin, and others with whom we’ve worked for years, Stardog is excited to help drive and define this disruptive market.

Any time a truly new, disruptive technology comes to the market and demands to be taken seriously, the market responds in part by asking questions about best practices and successful implementation frameworks. We’ve worked hard to design Stardog so that it fits within existing enterprise data management approaches, but there’s still a lot new here. So we also built internal teams and external partner ecosystem to address these questions and more, and we’ve developed relationships with outside organizations who share our goals, too. Our membership in and work with EKGF is part of that story. Together, we are working to overcome the persistent problem of data fragmentation in the enterprise and help organizations derive knowledge from their data.

The EKGF story, for me personally, all began one day when I went to Jersey City for a fateful meeting with Jacobus Geluk, who’d asked me to pitch the CTO’s Innovation Group, at a major bank, on Knowledge Graphs and Stardog. The end result was the first Enterprise Knowledge Graph implementation at a major bank, which Jacobus and I worked on together, and a lifelong friendship and professional relationship that bears fruit to this day.

Little did either of us think, standing on the noisy street on a cold day after my talk was over, that in a few years we’d be launching something like the Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation. Well, what we weren’t thinking, more accurately, that day was that Jacobus would launch it and Stardog would be a founding member!

Flash forward a few years and Stardog is the leading vendor in the Enterprise Knowledge Graph space, Jacobus has founded, and we’re partnered together all over financial services. But what to do about tending to the market itself? How to make sure that we’re helping the market understand the difference between a real Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform and all the plain graph databases that, while lovely systems in their own right, just aren’t going after the same problem?

After all, today’s enterprise data landscape is exceedingly complex. Hybrid environments, varying standards, and changing requirements make IT’s job more complicated at the same time that executives are raising their expectations for technical folks delivering business value. The relational model on which so many data management systems are based won’t meet this moment and a new paradigm is badly needed.

That’s where an Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform and the EKGF come in. We’re working towards a connected enterprise where data is unified across silos and related based on meaning not proximity. We envision a world where the Enterprise Knowledge Graph is not just the provenance of companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google but a mainstream solution available to all.

I know I speak for all of Stardog when I say we look forward to the journey ahead.

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