With the onset of digital telecom networks, monitoring and analyzing the topology of any given network of links and interfaces have become enormously complex. EXFO’s  Nova Context allows telecom companies to interact with a near-real time model of their network. By linking network, service and customer data within a graph, analysts can find the root cause of service outages, prioritize and deploy technical resources, and alert the affected customer within the same platform.

Building Nova Context on Stardog allows EXFO to effectively scale their product as they bring on larger telecom companies. Now, EXFO can be confident that they can model the largest networks in the world while maintaining the performance that their customers expect.

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Using graph-data and semantic modeling, Nova Context... brings you an end-to-end dynamic view of network, services and customer dependencies that's kept constantly up to date. Start managing complex, cross-domain, multilayer network and service topologies with ease.


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