Data Catalog

Bring semantic meaning to your data catalog to drive insight

Build an enriched view of data’s meaning and query source systems directly

What is a data catalog?

Data catalogs provide an inventory of an organization’s information assets. The catalog provides context so data stewards can discover, understand, and utilize the data they need to. Like with other data sources, however, if the data catalog is not connected to the rest of the enterprise data, you simply end up with a metadata silo that cannot provide any insight. 

How can Stardog augment my existing data catalog?

Combining your existing data catalog with Stardog brings semantic meaning to your data. It establishes a central hub that can serve as a reference point where all of your metadata systems are mapped. Furthermore, since all of your data is integrated in Stardog, the semantic capabilities are extended across all of your data instead of only in certain silos.

Discoverability is the key reason for onboarding a data catalog, however data catalogs only will help you understand the data you load into them — they won’t necessarily help you see the connections between your data across the entirety of the enterprise. That’s where an Enterprise Knowledge Graph comes in. Stardog’s virtualization capability means you can connect all your sources, regardless of their location or the data type. Because of semantic graph, you can map the relationships inherent in the data and use these relationships to model your business. Since we connect data at the compute rather than the storage layer, you can do things like infer new connections and machine learning.

With a semantically enabled data catalog, you’ll be able to:

  • Find, integrate, catalog and share your metadata
  • Mine structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data—simultaneously
  • Perform analytics over linked metadata 
  • Use machine learning to automate data integration

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