Virtual Graphs offer flexible, cost-effective data unification

Virtualization is known for being a flexible alternative to typical data integration, which relies upon ETL and permanent transformation of source data. However, data virtualization software is typically based on relational data structure, which doesn’t lend itself to data that is from diverse structures, is externally sourced, suffers from frequently changing schemas, has conflicting definitions, or has uneven properties. Stardog’s Virtual Graphs are the most mature and powerful graph-based virtualization solution on the market. Virtual Graphs connect data across data silos, even without copying that data into Stardog.

The power of data virtualization in Stardog means not having to wait for long, costly data preparation and migration processes to start deriving value from unified data. With Virtual Graphs, you’re now guaranteed to always get the most up to date data every time you ask a question.

However, we recognize that not all data can be virtualized; whether due to regulation or internal policy, so Stardog offers both world-class graph virtualization and world-class graph storage. Use both in combination to support the needs of different data owners while still feeding your Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

Given the scale and velocity of today’s enterprise data landscape, including hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, no one solution is best for every data problem. The future of data management is hybrid. Accordingly, you can store some data in Stardog and leave other data in its native data silo, and Stardog can query all of the data based on what it means, not where it lives—and do so with sub-second query times while delivering a 98% cost savings.


    At NASA, where the actual rocket science happens, Stardog is powering the design, test, and manufacturing lifecycle of complex systems like Space Launch System, the biggest rocket in the world. NASA uses Stardog’s unique blend of graph-based storage and virtualization to connect data silos across NASA centers, vendor sites, and even across international borders.

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