AI- and ML-Assisted Knowledge Engineering

Stardog Voicebox, a knowledge engineer powered by Large Language Models (LLM), dramatically shortens the time to build your data model as an Enterprise Knowledge Graph and gives human users the ability to focus on their enterprise data and unlock the insight it contains.

Voicebox can streamline:

  • Knowledge graph question answering by surfacing results without the need to write graph queries or connect a BI tool like Tableau
  • Knowledge graph data modeling by taking prompts everyday language and building out classes and relationships
  • Knowledge graph adoption by answering support questions about using, programming, or administering Stardog

In addition, Stardog’s built-in machine learning offers both similarity search and predictive analytics (classification, regression). Similarity search is an important functionality when coupled with the connected data of a Knowledge Graph, as it can be used for pattern detection and recommendations. To learn how to use similarity search with Stardog, follow our tutorial.

How can you put machine learning to use with your Knowledge Graph?

  • Enhance your semantic search application with predictive modeling to serve recommendations to your customers
  • For drug discovery solutions, use machine learning to leverage the knowledge graph’s inherent traceability to predict pathways
  • Monitoring for security incidents in your IT network? Use similarity search to figure out what incidents are most similar, and then do classification on those similar incidents

Finally, you can also use our python wrapper library, pystardog, to gain direct access to your Enterprise Knowledge Graph.


    Learn how Stardog Voicebox answers ordinary language questions about your data without the need to write graph queries, accelerates model-building, and empowers your team to take advantage of an enterprise knowledge graph.

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