2022 Predictions Round-up: Data Management & Data Science Analytics

Dec 15, 2021

Stardog founder and CEO Kendall Clark has been quoted in various articles predicting trends in data management, data science and analytics. 

Big Data Industry Predictions for 2022


“…2022 will be the year organizations adopt enterprise knowledge graph platforms to support their data fabrics that use a combination of graph data models, data virtualization, and query federation—along with intelligent inferencing and AI—to eliminate this friction by simplifying data integration, reducing data preparation costs, and improving the cross-domain insights generated from downstream analytics.”

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40 Data Management Predictions from 29 Experts for 2022

The Era of Big Data Centralization and Consolidation is Over

“The importance of centralized or consolidated data storage will also come to the forefront in 2022. To be clear this trend isn’t the end of storage, but is the end of centrally consolidated approaches to data storage particularly for analytics and app dev…

Data Fabric Goes Mainstream

“…Just as race cars without high-octane fuel sources are no more than beautiful, static sculptures, analytics platforms including AI/ML without total data mastery, accessibility, and innovation data integration solutions will fail to live up to their potential. Market signals also suggest that next year the enterprise itself will get serious about finding new ways to integrate and connect data in the new hybrid multicloud world we all live in.”

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36 Data Science and Analytics Predictions from 21 Experts for 2022

The Rise of the “Just in Time” Data Analytics Stack

“…In a world where the number of places that data may be residing in storage is increasing, rather than decreasing, expect to see enterprises reach for data analytics solutions that are not coupled to where data lives. This trend will accelerate in 2022 as data movement between storage systems will continue to be removed from the stack in order to accelerate time to insight.”

Knowledge Graph-Enabled Data Fabrics Become the Connective Tissue for Maximizing Analytics Value

“Shrewd organizations… are realizing that the centerpiece of a properly implemented data fabric is an enterprise knowledge graph, which compounds data fabric’s value for better, faster, lower-cost analytics while hurdling the data engineering challenges obstructing them…”

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Data Science & Analytics Industry Main Developments in 2021 and Key Trends for 2022

The Era of Big Data Centralization and Consolidation is Over 

…In 2022, we will see the continuation of the big fight that’s brewing in the data analytics space as old ways of managing enterprise data, focusing on patterns of consolidation and centralization, reach a peak and then start to trend downward…

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