How Knowledge Graphs Can Deliver Insights When Integrating Decentralised Data

Nov 10, 2021

The majority of large data integration projects falter because systems are developed in a bespoke fashion, leaving organisations with critical applications that have been modified and transformed into a hornet’s nest of code that they cannot unravel for fear of breaking something.

So, instead of trying to unravel systems, organisations have tended to duplicate processes, leading to more silos and custom solutions, which is an expensive proposition. Similarly, projects that end up as mass data cleansing and manipulation exercises are not sustainable in a world where organisations want insight into their data at speed.

Enterprise knowledge graphs

A possible answer to these problems lies in enterprise knowledge graphs, or EKGs, which provide a unified digital user experience by connecting data or knowledge within an organisation using semantic technology. In an upcoming webinar we will look at the technologies on which EKGs are based, the challenges of deploying them, and the business benefits they can deliver.

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