Knowledge graphs provide smart database management across hybrid computing environment

Mar 24, 2021

“The next challenge in data management is accessing data resources that are dispersed across a hybrid computing environment. Companies have invested in master data management solutions, breaking down silos and centralizing resources to simplify access. But moving data is costly, and silos serve a purpose by isolating secure data and allowing local control and governance.

Gaining a comprehensive view of data across locations from on-premises out to the edge requires the merger of human and machine intelligence in solutions that connect data and leverage it to provide context in situ.

“What we do differently than everyone else is by allowing you to keep the data in its existing data silos, … we allow you to connect to that data where it is, cross-zone, whether it’s on-prem or on the cloud,” said Rob Harris (pictured), vice president of solutions consulting at Stardog Union.”

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