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Philosopher turned data scientist: Stardog CEO Kendall Clark is shattering data silos

May 7, 2021

“The spark that birthed Stardog came about easy-rider style. One cold winter night in 2003, data scientist Kendall Clark was “freezing on a motorcycle ride” when he came up with an idea to future-proof data management.

At the time Clark was working at an artificial intelligence research lab in Arlington, VA, exploring whether the World Wide Web could be the basis for a new kind of data integration system. Now the co-founder and CEO of Stardog, Clark has entrusted a philosophical approach to cloud-native computing.

With over $20 million in funding and an AWS Global Partner, Stardog is a fast-growing data integration company enabling pharmaceutical, finance and manufacturing industries to connect on-premises data with data in the cloud. There, Stardog crafts a unified data layer to more efficiently understand its context and relational patterns. As modern workloads demand more data to be processed at the edge, Stardog is among many companies rethinking relational databases. By allowing companies to keep data in existing silos, Stardog eliminates the costly, time-consuming task of moving data to a centralized location.”

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