Speeding Time to Value: The ‘Just in Time’ Data Analytics Stack

Feb 11, 2022

The notion of just-in-time (JIT) analytics is one of the latest yet most significant developments throughout the data landscape. This novel concept not only eliminates many of the conventional limits that have hampered enterprise use of analytics, but also spurs a newfound capability for continuous data intelligence that drastically increases the value derived from analyzing data.

JIT analytics enables organizations to connect to, query, search, integrate and analyze their data wherever it is without moving or copying it. As the just-in-time name implies, firms can do so at the moment business processes demand such insight in a dynamic, seamless fashion.

Bolstered by a small but rapidly growing series of startups that directly support some of the biggest data management trends at the moment (including data fabrics and data mesh), just-in-time analytics revolutionizes traditional analytics with a more comprehensive approach.

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