Stardog launches Voicebox, an LLM-powered layer to query enterprise data

Oct 17, 2023

Washington, DC area startup Stardog, a company that helps the U.S. Department of Defense and many other government agencies manage, query and reason with their structured and unstructured data, today announced an LLM-powered conversational layer aimed at simplifying access to business insights.

Officially dubbed Voicebox, the solution will be available as part of Stardog’s flagship platform, allowing users to ask questions using ordinary language and get answers based on enterprise data— without needing any technical skill.

“It’s hard to overstate this solution’s impact on competitiveness and profitability as universal access to relevant data has long been one of the biggest obstacles to getting work done,” Kendall Clark, cofounder and CEO of Stardog, said in a statement. “Self-serve analytics is no longer the exclusive preserve of technical folks who’re able to program.”

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