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The FRONTdoor Collective Selects Stardog to Unlock Value of Data in e-Commerce Supply Chain

May 19, 2022

ARLINGTON, VA, May 24, 2022 - Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) platform provider, today announced that The FRONTdoor Collective (FDC), a company with a mission to transform the pick-up and delivery experience for eCommerce shippers and recipients, has selected Stardog to enhance insights for its network of franchisees. FDC is partnering with Stardog to deploy its solution on Google Cloud enabling its franchisees, known as the FRONTdoor partners or FDPs, to predict, prevent, and resolve disruptions in the network. Consequently, FDC’s customers will be able to make and fulfill delivery promises with more confidence in the outcome.

“Our partners need to have a timely single source of truth to deliver packages safely and efficiently,” said Chris “Cpat” Patteson, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at FDC. “Stardog’s ability to connect data from our growing client network allows us to perform complex analytics across all these sources, which enables us to build best-in-class technology to create sustainable jobs, deliver at a net-zero carbon footprint, and improve consumer experiences. We are very excited to be the first deployment of Stardog on Google Cloud and look forward to leveraging other innovative Google Cloud capabilities sourcing intel from the FrontDoor data fabric.”

FDC chose Stardog for its unique ability to meet the diverse requirements of FDC’s growing network of hundreds of local delivery experts. Stardog’s knowledge graph technology adds a flexible and scalable data fabric to FDC’s platform to centralize all the disparate client and franchisee data. This architecture will enable superior routing, dispatching, delivery precision, and deeper insights into other key performance indicators.

Unlike traditional graph or relational databases, every aspect of Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph is built to optimize data integration, management, and analytics:

  • Stardog is powered by a flexible semantic layer, reusable data modeling, and explainable AI to enable data and analytics teams to be up to 95% more productive.
  • Stardog’s graph data virtualization enables connecting to data lakehouses, data warehouses or any data source without moving or copying data, at scale. 
  • Stardog’s inference engine intelligently applies expert knowledge dynamically at query-time to uncover hidden patterns in relationships that enable better data-informed decisions.

“A growing number of tech startups like FDC are adopting Stardog to power next-generation platforms to efficiently connect data and deliver insight,” said Kendall Clark, Stardog’s CEO and Cofounder. “We’re thrilled to partner with FDC and Google Cloud to help deliver amazing last-mile delivery experiences.”

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About FRONTdoor Collective

The FRONTdoor Collective (FDC) is a growing network of the nation’s best and most experienced delivery partners specializing in eCommerce transportation: First Mile and Final Mile. The FDC aggregates underutilized assets and brings them to market with consistent operating standards, one commercial relationship, and the flexibility to consistently and safely deliver remarkable customer experiences in most major U.S. cities with the speed, agility, and customer service of a local provider. The FDC treats every package as if it were going to their own FRONTdoor! For more information, visit