The Future of Data Management: It’s Already Here

May 9, 2022

Analysts such as Gartner are claiming that data fabric is the future of data management. But, in fact, the future is already here. We see many signs of market maturity, ranging from total-addressable market projections to vendors pushing ROI. Data fabric’s unique ability to integrate enterprise data and reduce the need for repetitive tasks in data discovery, analysis, and implementation are the reasons why many believe this will be the breakout year for the modern data integration approach…

The data fabric model is continuing to grow into an established technology largely because data is growing exponentially, data sources are becoming more distributed, and many enterprises still haven’t figured out how to get the useful data needed to drive their bottom line. As a result, the businesses that leverage data fabrics will be the ones to succeed.

Continue reading Navin Sharma’s article for Datanami, “The Future of Data Management: It’s Already Here” to learn about how data fabrics are more than the sum of their parts, the convergence of triggering factors, the emergence of undeniable benchmarking proof, and why this all points to enterprise knowledge graphs as the entry point to modern data management.