Uncovering the ROI of a Data Fabric

Jun 21, 2021

“The golden road to rapid growth in the enterprise software space is public, credible ROI, particularly when bringing net new capabilities to market. But therein lies the chicken-and-egg dilemma. For new technologies, there’s always a lag to establish ROI. However, there are clear pathways to ROI that customers are already adopting.

Data fabric is having its moment of public debut in the data management space. According to a Gartner report (Gartner Top 10 Data and Analytics Trends for 2021), as data becomes increasingly complex and digital business accelerates, data fabric is the architecture that will support composable data and analytics and its various components.

There are good reasons to believe this adoption is fueled both by growing awareness that there must be an alternative to “integration by physical consolidation” and by pandemic-driven global attention to digital transformation and the role unconnected data plays in achieving this transformation. All of which leads prospects and early adopters to start asking data fabric vendors about ROI.”

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