2022 Trends in Data Strategy: A New Archetype

Dec 23, 2021

“…In 2022, data strategy trends will focus on myriad motions that have been gaining momentum, including Artificial Intelligence governance, data privacy, and data literacy. However, the irresistible force it must primarily counter is the natural outcome of each of these considerations and the premier data management challenge of our time…

Curtailing the endless movement of data with a comprehensive data strategy that still facilitates centralized data management will surely require a variety of strategic measures from data fabrics and data meshes to top down, bottom up, offensive, and defensive postures.

Or, as Stardog CEO Kendall Clark termed it, “we’re in a corner; the only way out is alternatives to the physical consolidation of data.””

Read more of Clark’s wise words reported in this insideBIGDATA article, “2022 Trends in Data Strategy: A New Archetype,” which cover the following trends:

  • Surmounting Decentralization Woes
  • Data Quality
  • AI Governance
  • Data Strategy Archtypes
  • Data Privacy