Eradicating Broken Data Integration Approaches to Unleash Advanced Analytics

Feb 15, 2022

As enterprises continue to struggle with the effects of the global pandemic, the modern data analytics stack is undergoing a shock of its own. The world has changed, and we’re living in a new hybrid multicloud reality. Lower levels of the IT stack, which is to say, data centers, networks, raw storage and compute, are making their way up stack and are impacting both how we analyze and integrate data. Organizations want to empower data and analytics teams to connect any type of data, uncover impactful insights, and speed time to market, so expect to see the following key shifts.

In this article for Dataversity, discover more from Stardog CEO Kendall Clark on:

  • The Rise of the “Just-in-Time” Data Analytics Stack
  • Knowledge Graph-Enabled Data Fabrics Become the Connective Tissue for Maximizing Analytics Value
  • The Era of Big Data Centralization and Consolidation is Over
  • Data Fabric Goes Mainstream