How Semantic Graph Supports the Quest for True Data Integration and Discovery

Jul 7, 2021

“Any data is potentially of great strategic value, but only if an enterprise can connect and understand that data in the context of what it means to the business itself.   

One way growing in popularity is to connect enterprise data using a data model that can represent all aspects - irrespective of location, format, structure, or meaning.  

The enterprise needs to connect data in the context of business meaning to really monetize data and transform itself. Data integration systems based on semantic graph data models offer a distinct, new way forward.

For decades, the only data that really mattered to most enterprises was relational data: rows, columns, tables, few if any nulls, and data sets where the schema didn’t change very often at all.  Conventional data integration strategy was developed during this era and it still depends significantly on the relational data model.”

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