Leveraging Knowledge Graph Technology to Fuel Advanced Analytics

Jun 15, 2022

Since the early 1990s, organizations have been collecting, storing, analyzing and reconfiguring a plethora of information, only to find 20 years later that they are still struggling to maximize their big data investments. In fact, an Accenture Research study found that many firms continue to struggle to harness the power of data, with less than one-third of companies (32%) stating they were able to realize tangible and measurable value from it. What’s worse, only slightly more than one in four (27%) said they could produce highly actionable insights and recommendations from their data and analytics projects.

From optimizing retail shelf space to delivering better patient care and improving strategic decision-making to reduce insurance fraud, the challenge remains clear for organizations of all sizes; they must have the ability to connect data and deliver analytics solutions to help solve urgent business problems.

Why settle for historical descriptive analytics when you can have advanced?

Read the entire article by Steve Fuller, VP of Solutions Consulting and Engineering, in Analytics Magazine.