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Stardog open-sources the first data model template for the Cloud Information Model, supporting out-of-the-box development of Knowledge Graphs

Mar 5, 2020

ARLINGTON, Va., March 5, 2020/PRNewswire/ – Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform, today announced the release of the first data model template compatible with the Cloud Information Model.

CIM address the brittle data integrations that are common amongst enterprises. An enterprise may support hundreds of applications, each with its own data model. Connecting data models across applications requires custom code to map data across these different sources. However, with a CIM template that mapping comes pre-loaded, allowing for out-of-the-box development of Knowledge Graphs.

“CIM is solving an enormously complex and critical problem,” said Stardog CTO Evren Sirin, who sits on the CIM working group. “By providing this CIM template, I hope to encourage enterprises to unify their disparate data sources, whether that data is propriety or third-party and regardless of whether it lives on-prem or in the cloud. With data unified, leaders are positioned to generate better insight, repeatably.”

Stardog joined CIM in February 2020 alongside partners Amazon Web Services and Salesforce, among others. The goal of CIM is to create a cloud-native, application-agnostic data model. With the CIM template that Stardog released, it will be possible to unify data sources in much less time.

The CIM template also provides native support for validation and reasoning, core components of Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform. Validation supports effective management of complex data systems and reasoning derives new information from within the wealth of the connected systems.

“We’re excited to continue to contribute to CIM,” said Sirin. “We plan to update the CIM template as the model evolves and new versions are released.”