Improve the data quality of your Knowledge Graph

For a Knowledge Graph to be useful, it’s critical that the data be valid and consistent. Stardog offers tools to validate and enforce data integrity; namely SHACL, a declarative language for specifying constraints over RDF graphs.

Constraints can find inconsistencies across your data silos, flag conflicting data, or prevent the Knowledge Graph from accessing bad data. Constraints also support measuring the quality of the data, performing verification after an integration, and assisting in planning future improvement measures.

Stardog’s explainability extends to constraints — Stardog offers explanations for violations of the constraints, telling you not just that there is invalid data, but precisely what that invalid data is, and why it’s invalid so that you can understand the issue and fix it more effectively. This results in time saved troubleshooting and tracing erroneous data.

Constraints can be used within Stardog Studio to add and remove constraints to/from Stardog and to produce reports detailing your data’s compliance (or noncompliance) them. Stardog Studio also offers SHACL syntax highlighting, error diagnostics, and completion suggestions.


    NASA’s missions to the Moon and to Mars depend on dependable data. NASA uses constraints to help improve the data quality of a Knowledge Graph containing a number of different kinds of NASA objects sourced from a variety of systems and owners.

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