New in Stardog 9.1

Jul 11, 2023, 2 minute read
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Stardog 9.1.0 (2023.2) is now available.

Join us Wednesday, July 12 at 11:00 AM Eastern time as we walk through the latest capabilities and provide a preview of what’s next.

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Key benefits from this release:

  • Easier enterprise knowledge discovery with LLM. Search unstructured data within the knowledge graph based on what the text means.
  • Accelerate knowledge graph adoption and expand metadata visibility with Microsoft Purview. Bidirectional integration not only pulls catalog information from Purview into Stardog but also publishes Stardog metadata back into Purview to make knowledge graph metadata part of the Purview catalog.
  • Improve data privacy assurance with Databricks. Query virtual graphs with individual user permissions using pass-through authentication for Databricks. Each Stardog user can query virtual graphs on Databricks with their specific user permissions rather than using a single service account.
  • Create faster queries easier. Enhance query debugging, analysis, and sharing with a query log service containing comprehensive query insights. Automatically capture and store metadata about every query executed in Stardog for easy analysis and debugging.
  • Enterprise-scale analytics with zero IT overhead. Elastically scale core Stardog analytics like entity resolution, graph analytics, and more. Use Amazon EMR Serverless to scale easier than ever before.
  • More powerful automated data mappings. Designer now includes relationship suggestions in addition to class suggestions. So whether you are mapping to existing model concepts or would like Stardog to suggest a data model based on your data source, these suggestions now include relationships.
  • Customizable graph visualizations with new layouts. Connected data is easier to visualize in Explorer with the addition of new layouts. The new layouts in Explorer improve graph rendering, especially for hierarchical data.

As always, a full list of changes is in the Release Notes.

In case you haven’t seen them, we released two new video trainings: Meet Stardog and Explorer Training. We also started ongoing virtual, hands-on training events. Make sure to check those out on our events page.

Stayed tuned for additional Stardog Voicebox announcements coming soon!

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