Discover the Overlooked ROI of an Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform

Dec 8, 2021, 3 minute read
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Data reaches every bit of your organization, and Stardog has a vetted solution to help you manage it.

But data spans wide and runs deep across enterprises. It’s often tucked into pockets and silos. If data hasn’t been all brought together yet, it can be incredibly difficult to parse the exact business value of doing so. Data modernization and innovation can be tough to nail down in terms of ROI.

To help you, Stardog brought in a trusted expert: Forrester Consulting.

Forrester Consulting recently performed a commissioned *Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) assessment on the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform, providing a detailed analysis of data fabric enablement via a knowledge graph platform.

“Four Organizations used Stardog to connect their data silos into meaning-rich, enterprise wide knowledge graphs. Data scientists at the organizations became both more efficient and more effective. By connecting their data, these organizations generated new insights and unlocked new business opportunities.” — The Total Economic Impact™ Of Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform

Uncovering business benefits, costs, and risks for knowledge graph platforms

The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of deploying Stardog on their own organizations.

To evaluate the business benefits, costs, and risks of Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform, Forrester interviewed decision-makers experienced with implementing Stardog.

Integrity, objectivity, and strict adherence to rigorous research methodologies are core values at Forrester Consulting, which does not endorse a company or its solutions, and maintains control over this study’s analysis and content.

Data challenges: Technical, analytical, and business

At a strategic level, the interviewees’ organizations faced three types of challenges: technical, analytical, and business.

Before using Stardog, the interviewees found that previous solutions didn’t perform at their organizations. Data infrastructure was costly. Data scientists judged recurring tasks as too time-consuming. And data silos, those discrete, unconnected data sources, proliferated.

These organizations wanted to innovate. So they did.

With Stardog, the organizations developed semantic knowledge graphs that integrated data from across enterprises. Stardog’s inferencing and reasoning capabilities generated additional connections within and between the connected data, then software development teams built applications that data and analytics professionals used to complete projects.

But did Stardog unveil more efficient and effective work processes? Did the organizations use Stardog to unlock new business value for the organizations?


Analytics modernization, cost savings and more

The study determined an ROI of 320% and total benefits of over $9.86 million over three years for the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform.

Benefits include:

  • 3X faster development
  • $2.6 million in avoided infrastructure costs
  • $3.8 million in time savings for data scientists
  • $2.4 million in profit from incremental successful data analytics projects

Get the full December 2021 study

Read this study to learn how several customers turned their data into knowledge, completed their data analytics projects faster, saved on infrastructure costs, and unlocked new business opportunities with Stardog.You can also join our webinar with special guest, Forrester, to discuss the study’s findings.

*A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Stardog.

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