A Path of Our Own

A Path of Our Own

Evren Sirin

We’re adding graph traversal to Stardog to support a broader range of graph queries and analysis. Now that we’ve figured out how to extend SPARQL solutions, we can more easily make Stardog traverse graphs to find paths and other relationships.

Mar 14, 2017

Extending the Solution

Evren Sirin

We’re extending Stardog’s knowledge graph capabilities to include arbitrary graph algorithms that aren’t easily expressed in SPARQL. But first we have to fix SPARQL solutions.

Feb 22, 2017

The RDF Database Market

Kendall Clark

Update: Stardog is our entry into the commercial RDF database market.

There’s plenty of talk about the purely technical aspects of RDF databases but considerably less talk about the RDF database market as a commercial software business. As I see it, the commercial RDF database market contains at least seven systems, listed here in random order:

Sep 23, 2010