Responsible for turning leading edge science and technologies into the medicine of the future, Pfizer Research and Development spans dozens of laboratories. Each of these laboratories, however, creates and curates independent data systems and tools. These data silos prevent knowledge sharing across labs and makes it impossible to see the complete view of all the knowledge at Pfizer. The thousands of researchers and clinicians at Pfizer know that there are connections within the data that could reveal new avenues for drug discovery, but the distributed data structure prevents them from uncovering those insights.

SCAI Dash is a search engine across all of R&D data that incorporates the context of the connected data. Now, lab personnel can search for a particular gene and explore the associated trials, expressions, and related cancers. The baked-in similarity search models shows biologists which compounds are most closely related in terms of structure, therapeutical effects, and trial results to speed up their research efforts. Beyond a search and explore tool, the platform will also expose the unified data for analysts and data scientists in the tools they use everyday including Tensorflow and Spotfire.

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