Latest Posts

Extending the Solution

Evren Sirin

We’re extending Stardog’s knowledge graph capabilities to include arbitrary graph algorithms that aren’t easily expressed in SPARQL. But first we have to fix SPARQL solutions.

Stardog in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

John Bresnahan

Stardog is coming to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Here’s a short preview video.

Discourse about Stardog

Kendall Clark

We’re moving the Stardog community support forum from Google to Discourse, and we’re adding comments to this blog.

Saying Goodbye to Garbage

Alexander Toktarev

The main problem of all heavily-loaded Java applications which operate on a huge amount of data is memory management. We solve this problem with a new, byte-based memory management scheme that will debut in the upcoming Stardog 5 release.

Stardog Graviton: AWS Made Easy

John Bresnahan

We think the user experience is crucial, even when dealing with something as complex as a highly available cluster system. So we made Stardog Graviton.

An API-level Look at Reactive Stardog

Mike Grove

In Reactive, Streaming Stardog Kernel, we looked at the design of and motivations for upcoming changes to the SNARL API. In this post we look at the new API in detail.

Reactive, Streaming Stardog Kernel

Mike Grove

The Stardog kernel API is morphing into a system based asynchronous, reactive streams; in this post we discuss motivations and design goals.

Virtual Graphs: Relational Data in Stardog

Jess Balint

When Stardog is used to unify relational data sources, it facilitates powerful query and data management features. This post introduces Stardog’s virtual graph feature and explores how to access data from existing relational sources.

Reviewing 2016, Previewing 2017

Kendall Clark

Year-end reviews, and year-beginning previews, offer us an opportunity for sober reflection on the three fundamental questions of any cooperative, rational human endeavor: What do we know? What should we do? What can we hope?

How to Read Stardog Query Plans

Pavel Klinov

Our mission is to unify all enterprise data in a single, coherent graph managed by Stardog. Like many database systems Stardog answers queries in two major phases: determining the query plan and executing that plan to obtain answers from the data.

Stardog 4.2—Docs on Lockdown!

Kendall Clark

We’re happy to announce the release of Stardog 4.2, our first major release since closing our first funding round in July. Complete release notes are available. Let’s review the highlights.

Stardog Raises a Seed Round

Kendall Clark

Our mission is to unify all enterprise data in a single, coherent graph managed by Stardog. After 18 months of great revenue growth, we decided to raise capital. You won’t believe what happened next…

Unifying Unstructured Data

Kendall Clark and Jess Balint

Our mission is to unify all enterprise data in a single, coherent graph managed by Stardog, which includes, crucially at some organizations, unstructured data. Let’s preview upcoming Stardog features to make unstructured data unification much easier.

A Preview of Stardog 4

Kendall Clark

Let’s preview the big changes coming in Stardog 4. Watch this space for the release soon.